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We are a small, friendly church community in the heart of Santa Fe. We invite you to come and share with us throughout the summer, as we explore the ongoing work of discipleship, seeking the warmth and light of communities facilitating justice and love.

Established over 75 years ago, First Christian Church continues the witness of the Disciples of Christ that affirms that everyone is welcome. Our vision is to provide a place and opportunity for those seeking a deeper spiritual life.  We are passionate about being ecumenical, affirming, forgiving, cooperating, and allowing the freedom for each person to develop their own understanding and relationship with God.

We worship in a traditional, creative, informal spirit. Expect to sing hymns together and to hear organ, piano, flute, and guitar. We share the ritual taste of Holy Communion each week. All are welcome at the Communion Table. We listen to reflections on ancient scripture and contemporary social issues. We are working and praying to make Santa Fe a more just and compassionate place for all.

“FCC of Santa Fe is my family. They have been there for me through every single one of my important life experiences, from the time I was a teenager to now being a grandmother. The church has supported me in my spiritual growth and deepening relationship with Christ…” -Anita Hett, church member